​The following information will help you maintain your new asphalt and provide a longer lasting product.  Should you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us at 740-383-6000.  We are a full service company and can help you with all your asphalt pavement maintenance needs.

1.  Allow at least 48 hours after your asphalt is installed before driving or parking on it.

2.  Park in different locations for the first 6 - 12 months.  It takes 12 months for your asphalt to completely cure,        so rotate parking places during this time.

3.  Do not turn your steering wheel when your car is not in motion.

4.  Avoid excessive weight vehicles like concrete or garbage trucks.

5.  Avoid the use of jack stands or car ramps if possible.  Place plywood under the tongue jacks when storing              campers, trailers, or kick stands of motorcycles for an extended period of time.

6.  Avoid driving on the edge of your new asphalt as this is a weak area and it could break off.  We recommend           installing a berm along the edge of the asphalt with dirt or stone to help support the edge.

7.  Avoid vegetation from your yard or flower bed from growing onto your asphalt.  Apply a weed killer to any            vegetation that might grow through cracks.

8.  Clean up any oil or gas spills immediately by using a mild detergent like dish soap and water.

9.   We recommend applying 2 coats of premium sealer containing modifiers and aggregate after your new                   asphalt is 1 year old.  After your first 2 coats of sealer have been applied, your asphalt should then have 1               coat of sealer "As Needed."  There are many factors in determining if your asphalt needs sealed, so please,             call us and will do an inspection and give your our recommendation.

10.  Your asphalt can crack for many reasons and the season can determine the size.  Have cracks larger than 

        1/4" filled.