The following information will help you maintain your new sealcoat and provide a longer lasting products.  Should you have questions, please, feel free to contact us at 740-383-6000.  We are a full service company and can help you with all your asphalt pavement maintenance needs.

1.  Allow at least 24 hours for your new sealer to cure before walking or driving on it.

2.  Do not turn your steering wheel when your car is not in motion.

3.  Clean up any spills of oil or gas products immediately by using a mild soap and water.

4.  Apply a weed killer to any vegetation that might grow through cracks.

5.  Keep the surface clean from dirt and gravel.  This debris can be abrasive over time and wear your sealer and asphalt 


6.  Here in the North, we can experience harsh winter weather and excessively hot summers, which can be hard on your 

     asphalt.  Although we do not recommend sealing yearly, we do recommend "As Needed" so inspect your asphalt

     regularly and have cracks filled and seal coat applied when needed.  If you are in doubt, please, call us and a

     representative will inspect your asphalt for you and give you our recommendation.

7.  Avoid excessive weight on your asphalt like concrete or garbage trucks.  Place plywood under the tongue jacks of

     campers, trailers, and kick stands of motorcycles.  This can include setting in a lawn chair for long periods of time 

     during the summer.

8.  Rotate your parking place periodically.

9.  Keep plowing to a minimum.  We don't always have a snow blower available, but the scrapking of a plow can remove

     your sealer.  Thankfully, the sun can quickly melt the snow when we get an inch or two.

10. Keep vegetation from the yard and flower bed from growing on top of your asphalt.