At CEI, we are dedicated to finding the most economical solution for your paving, maintenance, and excavating needs.  Our hope is to educate you in every aspect of your project and offer the best options in our view for your project.  We don't sell our customers a job just to sell it.


    At CEI, all of our work is done "in house," meaning we don't sell a job and then sub it out to another contractor.  We do all the work ourselves, regardless if the project is aresidential driveway or a commercial parking lot.  

Seal Coating

     At CEI, we use only high quality pavement sealer to ensure that your project retains its beauty and to provide a longer lasting product.  We understand that no two driveways or parking lots are the same, so the number of coats, etc. are based on your project needs.

Crack Repair

     At CEI, we know tha crack repair will save you money by avoiding an asphalt replacement sooner than expected.  We recommend inspecting your driveway or parking lot for cracks and have them repaired/filled on a routine basis.  Crack repair along with sealcoating will provide a longer lasting life for your driveway or parking lot.


     At CEI, we offer pathing solutions to fix any pothole problem you may be having and reduce your liability.  We offer full depth cut-out replacements to filing and compacting.  We will do what is needed to fix your problem correctly.


     At CEI, we are not strangers when it comes to excavating.  We are well equipped to handle your next excavation project, whether it is a small trench, stone driveway/lot, or a large new dig.

Stone & Dirt Hauling

     At CEI, we can handle all of your hauling needs.  We have trucks and operators readily available.

Our Services